Alex Theoret
Mastering Engineer

Mastering Credits:

Teo Macero- Acoustical Suspension (Teo Records)

AMD- Xcursions (The Orchard)

Lolita Bras- Caught in the Open Too Deep

Mad Larry- Album

Ray Chew and the Crew "Feelin' It" sampler (Charu Records)

The Wissler Family- Album

Emerald Entertainment: Pocos Elegidos- Various Artists (Universal Records)

Led By Last- Album (Black Lodge)

Ted Cruz- EP

Reynos feat Elephantman & Mosa- "Tato OK" & "Tato OK Remix" (UBO Records)

Mobb Deep- Cingular Ring Tones

Apocalypstik- EP

Sousalves- ...To Self (BMI)

Zion y Lennox- "No Pierdes Tiempo" Single Remix (UBO Records)

Reynos Mix Tape (UBO Records)

Tempo- "Tempo" single

Dementes Algarete- "Flossy" (Chosen Few/ Emerald Entertainment)

LDA- Chosen Few Mix Tape

LDA feat Cheka & Tres Coronas- VINYL Single

Peter Stoltzman- DUO Album

I Love You- Singles

NeuroCARE Pro- Advances Conference Double DVD Set (Zengar Institute)

Mosa- "Ma Hace Aci" & "Damelo" singles

The Divide- Demo

NYC-SEX (LBA Records, Universal Records)

Nore- "Chosen One: Papi N.O.R.E" single

Don Omar- "Reggaeton Latino" single

Tony Prendatt- Reel

Dist- Pfister EP

LDA- "Hoy" & "Hoy Remix" singles

Engineering Credits:

Shootyz Groove (Roadrunner Records)

Drop The Needle - Illy B Eats Remixes and Breakbeats Double CD (Amulet Records)

Printz Board (Black Eyed Peas)- Demo Recording & Mixing

3LW (Sony/ 9 Lives Entertainment)

Godsmack (Universal Records)

Vivian Green (Warner Bros)

Gary Anglin and the Voices of CCC (Eagle Records)

NeuroCARE Pro Advances Conference, 2004

PM Dawn- Various (

Reynos feat. Elephant Man- "Tato OK" single mixing (UBO Records)

Debbie Nova- Demo Recording & Mixing (Warner Bros.)

Gus Van Zandt/ HBO "Last Days" live mixing

Howard Hewett- The Journey Live...From the Heart (Red Ink)

9 Days (Sony)

Damu Mtume (Warner Bros.)

Illy B Eats-The Turntable Sessions CD (Amulet Records)

Vic Paine (Def Jam)

Antigone Rising

Rita Moreno (West Side Story)

Dementes Algarete

Julie Brown

Devia- EP

Tom Harrel

John Zorn

Bernie Worrell (P-Funk)

The Youth Brigade

Billy Martin (Medeski, Martin & Wood)

Katreese Barnes (Saturday Night Live Band)

Jerry Korman- Romeo and Juliet

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