Mastering Equipment:

•Weiss EQ1-LP/DYN 40 bit 96k digital mastering EQ
•Weiss DS1-MK3 40 bit 96k mastering compressor
•Zsystems ZQ2 40 bit 96k mastering EQ
•Waves L2 hardware 48 bit 96k limiter
•Apogee Rosetta 200 24bit/192khz with SRC
•Masterlink 96khz recorder and player
•Summit tube stereo compressor
•Focusrite stereo EQ
•Amek 9098 compressors and EQs custom modified (6)
•24/192K bit workstation with a full array of plugins
•B&W N802s with pure silver cable and Perreaux amplification
•Apogee A/D converters
•Manely A/D/A converters
•Apogee digital clock
•Tascam DSM 7.1 surround controller, 5 channels msp-10's and definitive technology sub.
•Plextor, Richo, Yamaha, Pioneer, and Sony CDR burners
•Sony DigiBeta, Beta SP, Beta SX, Betacam, IMX Players
•Quantum DLT4000 Drive
•Exabyte 8505 drive
•Clover QA-101 CD analyzer
•Apogee UV22HR encoding
•POW-R dither
•Premium digital and audio cabling
•The most sophisticated audio analysis tools including, spectrum, vu, power, peak, bit, phase, etc...

•From years and years of research and testing, We've developed a special custom technique to achieve exceptionally high output levels while still retaining impact and clarity. This does not involve the usual suspects.

iTunes Plus:

A new service launched this year is Mastered for iTunes. With the launch of iTunes Plus, their high resolution service, came the need to ensure that the files delivered to them would successfully encode into their AAC format without clipping during the encode and decode process and would translate sonically. Before today, it was trial by error. Now we are able, in realtime, to monitor the encode and decode process, view sample and inter-sample clipping and hear the results and make adjustments accordingly. What may sound great on a CD could and does produce problems when encoding them into Apples AAC format. Monitoring the encoding process and delivering a high resolution file that will successfully encode into iTunes Plus will make sure your listeners get the best possible file. We can now offer this service to you.


•Otari 24trk 2"
•MCI 1/2" and 1/4" 2trk custom built
•Panasonic dat machines
•Plextor CD burner
•Minidisc Recorder
•DA88 digital 8 track
•ADAT digital 8 track
•Pioneer/Matshita DVD recorders
•MP3 converter
•AC3 encoder and decoder
•mpeg 2 high quality compression
•Sony Umatic 3/4" video deck
•1/2" (vhs) video recorder
•Sony Digibeta, Beta Sp, Betacam, Beta SX, IMX formats

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