Michael Fossenkemper, Chief Mastering Engineer

Michael Fossenkemper
Chief Engineer and Founder
of TurtleTone Studios
Numerous Platinum, Gold, and Grammy nominated records.

For current and up to date project info, follow me on twitter @fossenkemper

or visit my Facebook TurtleTone Mastering

Mastering Credits:

Paul Avgerinos "Grace" Grammy Winner 2016

Jason Miles/Ingrid Jenson "Kind Of New"

Natalie Douglas "Human Heart

Animation "Machine Language"

Various "Shades Of Buble"

Master Musicians of Jajouka

John Luther Adams "Become Ocean" Grammy Winner 2015

Julia Wolf "Anthracite Fields" Grammy Nominated 2016

Paul Avgerinos "Bhakti" Grammy Nominated 2015

Karsh Kale "Up"

Coalesce "OXEP" - Relapse records

Still The In Crowd- Hopeless records

Cold Souls- Soundtrack- E1 Entertainment

Precious- Soundtrack- LionsGate

MMW-Radiolarians Box Set- Indirecto Records

Michael Greisammer- 2b Vibes Music

Matt Stansberry-Self Portrait EP- Authentik Artists

The Subtle Way- full length - Negative Progression Records

Flo Rida - Be On You remixes - Atlantic Records

All Time Low- iTunes Original Content EP

The Morning Pages - Zealous Records

Chita Rivera - Forthcoming CD

Satsung Circus - Deep Fried Records

So Below- Electromoroccoland - Club D'Elf

Ryan Montbleau - Stages Vol2

Tribe Rebirth - Planet E Communications

Strike Anywhere- Outerloop

The Ready Set - Doghouse Records

Soulico - JDub Records

Sensational - Acid and Bass - Wordsound Records

Weatherbox - Doghouse Records

Plimsoll Gravity - Friendly Fire Records

Method Of Defiance - Bill Laswell

Plug In Stereo - DogHouse Records

Hot Peas 'N Butter "Best of the Bowl"

Abrams Brothers- Viva

Flo-Rida "Sugar" remixes

Soulive "Up Here" Vinyl

Vijay Iyer Trio "Historicity"

Girls In Trouble - JDub records

Hit The Lights - forthcoming CD-Triple Crown Records

Phone Calls from Home- Red Blue Records

Will Bowen-Love is War-Thrill records

DeLeon-Self titled-JDub Records


Corbin/Hanner - And The Road Goes On - Liddl' Red Hen Records

Ryan Montbleau Band - Remixed Singles

Razl - Rotonova

Automatic Redial - One More Disaster

Terrible Two's - Jerzy The Giant - Vagrant Records

Rookie of the Year - Sweet Attention - 111 Records

Stockhausen, Erguner, Nauseef, Laswell - Meta Station - Meta Records

Matt Pryor - Confidence Mand - Vagrant Records

The Paper and the Plane - A Year, Two Months, 16 Days and Counting

Mile Marker Zero - Out of the Ground, Into the Fire

Mark & James - I Love you & Goodbye

Dearestazazel - Be Mine - 111 Records

Compilation - Cause & Effect - Innerhythmic Records

Love Automatic - Dance Floor Disaster

Omega Okello - Kiwomera Emmeeme

Koufax - Strugglers - Doghouse Records

Blipvert - stop:skronk:explode!

Nation Beat - Legends of the Preacher

Lettuce - Rage! - Velour Records

Spark is a Diamond - Try This On For Size - Pluto Records

Mindless Self Indulgence - Limited Edition DVD

Sagol 59 - Make Room - JDub Records

Cruiserweight - Big Bold Letters - Doghouse Records

A Kidnap In Color - The Rumours Are Flying - Discotech Records

Hot Peas 'N Butter - Vol. 4: The Pod Squad

A Filial - $1.99

Gilberto Colon Jr. - Hot Bread

Kaki King - Velour Records

Rustic Overtones - Velour Records

Fieldwork - Door - Pi Recordings

Jai Uttal - Thunder Love

Prince Paul - Baby Loves Hip Hop - Baby Loves

That Was Something - Bears! - Oort Records

Stephen Speaks - Symptoms of Love

Vijay Iyer - Tragicomic - Sunnyside Records

Meese - EP - Atlantic Records

Peka - Sugar Free

Method of Defiance - Inamorata - Columbia Records

Gwen Stacy - The Life I Know

Able Baker Fox - Voices - Second Nature Recordings

Murray Gold - Doctor Who Series 3

Black Sheep - 8wm/Novacane

Kris Davis Quartet - Rye Eclipse

The Goodnight Soundtrack - Commotion Records

Stereo Kitsch - Get It Going

ISM - Urgency - STM Records

NIC - The Dub Album

Matana Roberts - The Chicago Project - Central Control

Michael Showalter - Sandwiches & Cats - JDub Records

Spiral Beach - Ball - Sparks Music

The New Amsterdams - At the Foot of My Rival - Vagrant Records

American Diary - The Brightest Color's

Amplexus - Deus ex Machina

Dedication Soundtrack - Commotion Records

Youth Without Youth Soundtrack - American Zoetrope

Etro Anime - Spreading Silence

Raiz - +UNO - Universal

Bush Tetras - Very Very Happy (enhanced) - ROIR

Leif Arntzen - Ain't Beauty Strange - Gwendoline Records

Vacancy Soundtrack - Commotion Records

16MM- 604 Records

Amir Elsaffar - Two Rivers - Pi Recordings

The Exit Radio - Alive At Sunrise - 111 Records

No More Parachute - Etiquette

Dorian Cheah - ARA - Meta Records

Parade The Day - To Keep Us Moving

Alana Amram - And The Rough Gems - Zealous Records

The Dangerous Summer - If You Could Only Keep Me Alive - Hopeless Records

Devin Lima & The Cadbury Diesel - 111 Records

Chrisse Feros - The Mantra Dub

The Grassroot Deviation - The Circuit

Baby Elephant - Turn my Teeth Up! - Godforsaken Music

Paul Avgerinos - Garden of Delight - Real Music

The Subtle Way - Until We Have Faces - Negative Progression Records

Dropout Year - Best Friends for Never

Friends of Otis - The Minimalist

Bernie Worrell - Improvisczario - Godforsaken Music

Coalesce - Second Nature Recordings

Oh, The Story - Good Morning Illumination

Mouritz and The Bleeding Hearts - No More of Less

The Spotlight - Slug Love

New York City Band - New York City Band feat. Luther Vandross

DaBanggaz - Run Up - Atlantic Records

The Himalayans - She Likes The Weather - Tyrannosaurus Records

Dub Trio - Cool Out and Coexist - ROIR

Marianas Trench - 604 Records

Wood Brothers - Tonic Live

The Scene Aesthetic - dw Records

Limbeck - Doghouse Records

American Diary - The Brightest Color's

Billy Martin & John Medeski - Mago - Amulet Records

Kathleen "Bird" York- Wicked little High-Acadamy nominated for the movie Crash

Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane- Live at Carnegie Hall-Blue Note

The Hero Factor-Suede Live-

Soul Sides Vol 1-Zealous records

Terrible Two-If you ever see an Owl-Vagrant records

Analogue Mindfield-A Fine Adjustment of Time-Malicious Damage

Black Sheep-8wm/Novacane-Black Sheep Records

Mr. Gnome-5 song ep

MMW-Let's Go Everywhere-Little Monsters

Bill Laswell-Excavation cut up & unauthorized-Internet release

A Filial-Quem menos tem é quem mais oferece-

Sensational-Sensational in Dub-Wordsound records

Spectre-Transcendent-Wordsound Records

David Newman-Into The Bliss: A Kirtan Experience-David Newman Music

Tahiti80-Bonus ep-The Militia Group

Mala Waldron-Always There-Columbia Music Ent.

Akoya Afrobeat-Wahala

Spark is a Diamond-ep-

Vijay iyer & Mike Ladd-Still Life With Commentator-Savoy Records

Tricky bizzniss-Esntion Records

Anchors For Reality

Over It-Welcome To Virginia-Negative Progression Records

Scott Chasolen-Magnify

Jackie Carol-Check, Check-Speak Music Media

The Comfies-Close To Me-Livewire Recordings

Gerald Levert-Yellow Diamonds-Atlantic Records

The Umbrellas-The Umbrellas-The Militia Group

The Umbrellas-Illuminare-The Milita Group

The Four Letter Lie-Victory Records

The Static Age-Blank Screen-Re-Ignition

Bootsy Collins-Christmas is Forever-Shout Factory

Scotty Hard-Radical Reconstructive Surgery-Thirsty Ear Recordings

Amity-Internecine-Negative Progression Records

Sathima Bea Benjamin-The Best of

The Moone Suzuki-The Maximum Black ep-V2 Records

Jill Cunniff-City Beach-The Militia Group

John Hammond-Push Comes to Shove-Back Porch

The Lakes-ep-The Militia Group

Rory-We're Up To No Good-111 records

The Groomsmen-Soundtrack-Commotion Records

Francisco Mora Catlett-PA'LOS MAYORES-Premier Cru Music

MSMW-If The World Changes It's Mind-MMW Records

Transit Kings-Living in a Giant Candle Winking at God-Malicious Damage

Over It-Outer Banks-Negative Progression Records

Ad Astra per Aspera-Catapult Calypso

SBMTO-MTO Vol 1-Sunny Side Records

Ezekiel Honig-Scattered Practices-microcosm

Belka and Strelka-Tales from the Projector room-Malicious Damage records

Every Move a Picture-Signs of Life CD pro-V2 Records

Josh Ritter-Wolves promo CD-V2 Records

White Whale-WWI-Merge Records

Akiko Grace-Illume-Columbia Music Ent.

The Soul Rebels-Do You Want More-Barn Burner Music

The Sleeping-Questions and Answers-Victory Records

Rinocerose-Greatest Hits-V2 Records

The Isles-Perfumed Land-Melodic Records

Friends With Money-Soundtrack-Commotion Records

Coalesce-Functioning On Impatience-Second Nature Recordings

Inkwell-These Stars are Monsters-111 records

Baby Loves Jazz-Verve Records

CCC-Christmas Album-CCC

The Suits-upcoming album-604 Records

Various-Ohm Shanti-Meta Records

DJ Logic-The Zen of Logic-Rope-a-dope

Billy Martin-illy B Eats vol 3-amulet records

Matisyahu-Youth-OR Music

The Slightest Shift-Fresh sound new talent

Club D'elf-So below vol 1

Blake TarTare-More Like Us

Josh Ritter-Bonus-V2 records

Coalition of the Willing-Rope-a-dope

Wood Brothers-Live at tonic-emcee

Paso-Budapest Ska

Abbi Halpern-Holiday's-Mommy Melodies

Eugenia Leon-upcoming album-Cultura International

David Newman-Leap of Grace

Karsh Kale-Broken English-six degrees records

Gilbert Gottfried-Dirty Jokes-Flycollar films

Berri Txarrak-forthcoming album

Liam Bailey-Handful of gold-flesh and armor

Thin Dark Line-forthcoming-111 records

Dr. Isreal-Patterns of War- Roir Records

Geral Levert-Voices-Rhino Records

Fielding-forthcoming-The Militia Group

Nacao Zumbi-Futura-Trama records

Panic Division-upcoming-The militia group

Various-Texas Loves it's Blues-UBO records

John Zorn-Celestial subway lines-Tzadik records

Sonido Isleno-Vive Jazz-Tresaro Productions

Various-Happy endings soundtrack-Commotion Records

Bill Laswell WBSS-Live in Chicago-PBS

Let Go-Let Go-The Militia Group

Praxis-Profanation-Palm Pictures

The Spill Canvas-In one fell swoop-111 records

Echad-One From Many

Odyssey The Band-Back in time-Pi recordings

Adam Kipple and Drive by Leslie-Midlantic Records

Houston Calls-Drive-thru records

The Enron Soundtrack-commotion records

Roger Filgate Project-american empire records

Veda-Second nature records

Gerald Levert-Make it with you (single)-Atlantic

Marc Ribot-Spiritual Unity-Pi Recordings

Spitalfield-forthcoming album-Victory Records

The Dix-The Dix (album and DVD)-Studio Distrobutions

Reggie and the full effect-Forthcoming album-Vagrant Records

The Rocket Summer-Forthcoming album-The Militia Group

Super Furry Animals-The songbook DVD-Beggars Group

Copeland-Forthcoming album-The Militia Group

Praxis-Live in Bonnaroo-Sanctuary records

Praxis-Live in Zurich-Innerhythmic records

The Umbrellas-forthcoming album-The Militia Group

Dayna Kurtz-Singles-Rykodisc

Fieldwork-forthcoming album-Pi recordings

Marshall Crenshaw-Fall for me

Teo Macero-songs of the silver screen-Teo Records

Trojan-Volume 1 and Volume 2-Sanctuary

Skank-Radio Hits-Sony Brazil

Medeski, Martin & Wood- END OF THE WORLD PARTY- Blue Note

Linsay-ep-The Militia Group

Crash test dummies-The Unforgiven-Cha-Ching Records

Code 46-Soundtrack album-commotion records

Microcosm 12" Vinyl- Microcosm Records

Shin Terai- Shin•E- Texture Inc

Dizzee Rascal- Enhanced EP- Beggar's Group

Wiley-enhanced Cd-Beggars Group

ILL Eases greatest tits-ep-The Beggars Group

Weerd Science- Album- EVR Records

Juncture-Juncture-Pi recordings

My Architect-Soundtrack album-commotion records

Chronic Future-ep-Interscope Records

Venamous Concept-Enhanced Ep-Ipecac records

Casket Lottery-ep-Second Nature recordings

Medeski, Martin & Wood- Notes From the Underground (remastering)- Amulet Records

Dizzee Rascal- Clean Album (forthcoming)- Beggar's Group

The Last Poets-Remaster-Innerhythmic

Codeseven- Dancing Echos/ Dead Sounds- EVR Records

Dirty Shame-Soundtrack album-NewLine

Teo Macero-Impressions of Mingus-Teo Records

Bill Laswell vs. Submerged-Zorn records

The Get up kids-guilt show-Vagrant records

Crash test dummies-Puss n boots-cha-ching

Gigi-Gold & Wax-Palm pictures

Danny Aiello-IN2N Entertainment

Crash test dummies-Jingle all the way-cha-ching

David Byrne- Ile Aye: The House of Life (director commentary)-Plexifilm

Brandtson- Send Us a Signal- The Militia Group

Thomas Boyce-Pearl Entertainment-Sampler

Herbie Hancock-Technovodu Astral Black Simulations-Sony

The Coalition-The Coalition-Midlantic Records

KRS One-Koch entertainment

Santana-remix album-Sony

WordSound 50: The Video Album- The Greatest Thing You Never Heard- WordSound

Sly & Robbie-Version Born-Palm Pictures

Moochie Mack-various-Koch ent.

Pm Dawn-"Dearest Christian"-G street records

Jungle Brothers-V2 records

3LW-Nine lives entertainment

Kyle Bynoe- Praise-Waymaker Records

Soup Live- Texture Inc.

Mandy Moore-single-Epic records

Kate Bradshaw-IN2N entertainment

Nathan Larson- Commotion Records

Guy Pearce- Slipping Down- Commotion Records

Offshore Series OHM OSR 10" & 12" releases

Fredro Star-Koch entertainment

Pm Dawn-Greatest Hits-V2 records

Sting-Bill Laswell remix-Universal records

Sakata Live- Texture Inc.

Bill Lipner- Edge of the Universe - Discovery

Kings of Comedy-soundtrack-Universal records

Metropolitan Klezmer- 2002 Live Track Selects- Rhythm Media Music

Guy called Gerald-various

Lili Haydn- Arista Associated Labels

The Dix- The Art of Picking Up Women

The Kinks interviews-Koch entertainment

Moby-singles and remixes-V2 records

Tom Jones-various-V2 records

Carl Craig-interzone orchestra-Talking loud

Bobby Digital-Various-V2 records

Medeski, Martin & Wood- Farmer's Reserve (Remastering)- Amulet Records

Blessed Union of Souls-various-V2 records

Ndea Davenport-various-V2 records

Crash test dummies-forthcoming Christmas album-cha ching

Angelique Kidjo-"Black Ivory Soul"-Columbia

Lucky Peterson-Forthcoming album

Herbie Hancock-"Future-2-Future"-Transparent Music

HanifAH WalidaH & E BlAize- ADIDI: THE UNROCKED STORY- Tama Muzik

Fowysmen -Doofluo- Franchise Records

Billy Martin Presents- Turntable Sessions Vol. 1- Amulet Records

Shin Terai- Yamaha Corp.

Eyvind Kang- Virginal Coordinates- Ipecac Recordings

Illy B- Illy B Eats 2- Amulet Records

Herbert/ Ostertag- Living Cinema DVD- Tzadik

Bad Brains-forthcoming album

Brandtson- Send Us a Signal-The Militia Group

MMW-"The Uninvisible"-Blue Note

The Plus Nomination- EP- Floppy Cow Records

A Bookshelf on top of the Sky- 12 Stories About John Zorn- Tzadik

Larry Coryell- NY Blues- Teo Records

Casket Lottery- Smoke and Mirrors- Second Nature Recordings

Elysian Fields- Dreams That Breathe Your Name- Diluvian Records

Sacred Steel-greatest hits-rope a dope

Snoop Dog/Mr Tan/Tyrese-"Baby Boy"-Universal

Heidi Petrikat- GALILEE- Heidi Petrikat Records

Banaczech- Warm Communications

Eraldo Bernocchi/ Harold Budd- Verba Corrige Production

Dougie Fresh-1 Gazillion Records

Miles Davis-"The Remix album"-Sony

Ruckas- "Calming the Storm" CD single- IN2N Entertainment

The Philadelphia experiment-"The Philadelphia
experiment"-Atlantic records

Sticky Fingaz-"Black Trash"-Universal records

Robert Miles-various titles-Sal:t Records

Grandaddy-V2 records

Gigi-"Gigi"-Palm Pictures

Robert Miles-remix album-S:alt records

Afu Ra-Koch entertainment

Suspirina-forthcoming album-emcee

Valentines Day-various artists-Epic records

Original Queens of Comedy-Soundtrack-Universal records

Peter Gunz-various-Twism records

Paul Barman-forthcoming album-coup d'tat

Afrodite-various-V2 records

Karsh Kale-forthcoming album-Six degrees records

Slums of Beverly Hills-soundtrack-RCA records

Chocolate Genius-various-V2 records

Senseless-soundtrack-Gee stree records

Alex Gopher-various-V2 records

Giant Sand-various-V2 records

Rinocerose-various-V2 records

Tao of Steve-soundtrack album-Goodmachine

Gravediggaz-various-V2 records

Dawn Buckholtz Avery-True-independent

Harlem Orchestra-forthcoming album-Rope a dope

Spectre-forthcoming album-wordsound

Conya Doss-forthcoming album-Numecca

Source-"Source 1/ Source 2"-P Vine

Sex Mob-"Sex Mob does bond"-Knitting Factory

Conya-"Conya"- Nu Mecca

Yuki-"Yuki"- East/west

Akira Sakata-"Akira Sakata"-Dogtail

Ray Chew and the Crew-Ray Chew and the Crew

Recloose-"Cardiology"-Planet e

Mauricio Manieri-"Apt 82"-Abril

Tabla beat science-"Tabla beat science"-Palm Pictures

Adelante-"Adelante"-Sony Records

Billy Martin-Various titles-Amulet

DJ Blim-various titles-Sal:t records


Jack Kerouac - Doctor Sax and the Great World Snake

Sting - "A thousand years" Olympic Bill Laswell mix - EMI

Lili Haydn-forthcoming album-RCA records

Table Beat Science 5.1-live-Palm pictures

Lili Haydn-remix album-RCA Records

Gerald Lavert-forthcoming album-Electra

Gigi-ambient 5.1 remix album-palm pictures

Sony classical-Bill Laswell remix-sony records

Meta records-various titles

The Last Poets - "The Last Poets" remastered - Innerythmic

Lili Haydn - Remix EP - Arista Assoc.

Transparent Music-various titles

Carl Craig-various titles-Planet E

Ash Wednesday-soundtrack album

Jaw Wobble-"Remix Album"-Palm Pictures

Wordsound Records-various titles

Chosen Few-"The Chosen Few"-Universal records

BullFrog-"BullFrog"-Atlantic records

G-movie soundtrack

Amazin-"Amazin"-Universal records


Coed-"Coed"-Universal records

Howard Hewitt-Epic records

Genovese-Universal records

Flesh and Bone-Koch entertainment

Poke Mon-Koch entertainment

ck-Koch entertainment

Harpoon Missle-Maxamus entertainment

Mark Wood-Koch entertainment

Vibrolush-V2 records

Stereophonics-V2 records

Series 7-soundtrack album-Koch entertainment

Downtown 81-Soundtrack album-NY Beat

Alias Zone-cybermotion

James Blood Ulmer-Palm Pictures

Praxis-Palm Pictures

Haystack-Koch entertainment

Gonnerville-dogday records

Dj Logic-Atlantic records

Camp Lo-81 records

Karsh Kale- Six degrees records

Roir records-various titles

Melanie Durant-Maxamus entertainment

Crash test dummies-Cha ching records

Paul Barman-various titles-Matador Records

Sundance channel-various

Lui Sola-various

Tragedy-V2 records

Underworld-V2 records

Olu-V2 records

Angel Moon-V2 records

PYT-Epic records

Stone Love-various-Landspeed records

Kymani Marley-album mastering-V2 records

Billy Crawford-various-V2 records

Manbreak-various-Almo Records

Baby Mother-soundtrack-Independent Pictures

Ratao-various-Trama records

Alvin Ailey-tribute-V2 records

Spirit nation-Various-v2 records

Mercury Rev-varioius-V2 records

Desert Blue-soundtrack-Velvel records

Tin Star-various-V2 records

Those Bastard Souls-various-V2 records

Trick-soundtrack album-Velvel records

Niagra-soundtrack-V2 records

One minute of Silence-various-V2 records

Touch and Go-various-V2 records

Over seas-series 1-ohm resistence/OSR

Mixing/ Engineering Credits:

Nola-forthcoming soundtrack-hutch productions-E/M

L4-forthcoming album-Abril music-M

American Red Cross-tribute album-M

Vivian Green-forthcoming album-warner brothers-M

Thomas Boyce-everyday-M

Bona Fide-forthcoming album-Ninelives-M

DJ Logic-"Spider Dance" remix-ropeadope-E/M

Linda Chorney-"Living Alone"-M

Billy Martin-Illy B-eats remix album-Amulet-E/M

Mauricio Maneiri-forthcoming album-Abril-M

3LW-"be like that"-universal-M

QUEENS OF COMEDY-soundtrack-universal-M

MARCUS-forthcoming album-j records-E/M

ADELANTE-forthcoming album-Sony Records-E/M/P

BABY BOY-soundtrack-universal-M

G-forthcoming soundtrack-E/M/P

Mr Jam- forthcoming album-BGM-M

MANDY MOORE-"talking to my tears"-Sony-E/M

Joni Mitchell-Tribute album-Warner Brothers-E/M

BABY MOTHER-Movie and soundtrack-Independent pictures-M

KINGS OF COMEDY-A Spike Lee Joint- Universal- M
live segments


VOCAL POINT-forthcoming album-Dreamworks-E/M

FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME-Soundtrack-Universal-E/M
2 songs

MAURICIO MANIERI-a noite inteira-Abril-M

SENSELESS-Soundtrack and movie-Gee Street-E/M
"love is a long way"
"perfect for you"
"movin on up

PM DAWN-"Dearest Christian..."-GeeStreet/V2-E/M

OLU-Forth coming album-Gee street/V2-E

PM Dawn-Jesus Wept (album)-Gee Street-E/M

Jimi Hendrix-In From the Storm-RCA/BMG- M
Sting, Brian May
Paul Rodgers,
Carlos Santana,
Buddy Miles,
Stanley Clark,
Steve Vai.

Madonna-Bedtime Stories-Maverick-E/M
"Human Nature"
"I'd rather be your lover"
"Love tried to welcome me"

Backstreet Boys-Booty call soundtrack album-Jive-E/M

White Zombie-"Blood,Milk,Sky"Remix-Geffen-E/M

RedHot + Rio-"Pure Listening pleasure"-RedHot-E/M

Skank-"O Samba Pocone"-Sony-M

Skank-"Tao Sue"Remix-Sony-P/E/M

The O (fuzz)-Forthcoming Album-PolydorUK-P/E/M

Gravity Kills-"Enough"remix-TVT-E/M

Ambersunshower-"Walter T."Remix-Gee Street-E/M
"Running song" remix

GRAVEDIGGAZ-"Night the earth cried" remix- Geestreet-E/M

Hurricane Holla-Forthcoming EP-Karmis-E/M

Intrigue-Acoustic soul-Universal-E/M

Sheree Ford Payne-Latest album-Almo-E

J-Quest-"Up & Down"-Mercury-M

Shaquille O'neal-"Biological Father"-Jive-M

Patra-"Pull up to my bumper"- M

The X-Files-Theme-Warner-E/M
-If you never say goodbye

Trey Lorenz-"Is he good to you"-Epic-M

Bad Girls-"Give it up"-Quest-M

A.J.-"Ma Ma"-Motown-M

Vanessa Williams-Comfort Zone-Mercury-E/M
"Work to Do"

PM Dawn/Elton John-Duets-MCA-E/M
"When I Think About Love"

PM Dawn-Stone Free-Warner Bros-E/M
"You Got Me Floatin" (Hendrix Tribute)

PM Dawn-Adams Family Values-Atlas-E/M
"I Drink Bizzare" (soundtrack)

PM Dawn-The Bliss Album-Gee Street-E/M

ILL & AL Scratch-ILL & ALL Scratch-Mercury-M

Color Me Badd-Time and Chance-Giant-E/M
"Rosanna's Little Sister"
"How Deep"
"In the Sunshine"
"Livin without Her"
"Trust Me"

Color Me Badd-Color Me Badd-Giant-E/M
"I Wanna Sex You Up" (radio and 12")
"Slow Motion"
"All For Love"
"Your Da One I Wanna Love"

Color Me Badd-Remix Album-Giant-E/M
"I Wanna Sex You Up"
"Color Me Badd"
"Your Da One I Wanna Love"

Color Me Badd-90210 Soundtrack-Giant-E/M
"Luvy Luvy"

LL Cool J-Mamma Said Knock You Out-Def Jam-E/M
"Mamma Said Knock You Out"
"Around the Way Girl"
"Milky Cereal"
"Jinglin Baby"

LL Cool J-Mad About the Mouse-Sony Music-E/M
"Big Bad Wolf"

Mary J. Blidge-What's The 411-Uptown- M

Arrested Developement -"Mr. Wendel"(Remixes)-EMI-E/M

Bad Company-Holy Water-ATCO-E/M
"Walk Through Fire"

Heavy D and the Boys-Peaceful Journey-MCA-E/M
"Let the People Sing"
"I can make you go"

Intro Intro-Atlantic-E/M
"Gotta have it"
"Ribbon in the Sky" (remixes)

George Michael-"killer/Papa" (single remixes)-Hollywood-E/M

Guy-"Dog Me Out"(Maxi Single & Remixes)-MCA-E/M

EMF-"Unbelievable" (Remixes)-EMI-E/M
"Lies" (single and remixes)

Jody Watley-"When A Man Loves A Woman"-MCA-E/M

Slick Rick-"Sittin In My Car"-Def Jam-M

Charles And Eddie-"Stop the World" (remixes)-Capitol-E/M

Cathy Dennis-"Falling in love"(remixes)-Polygram-E/M

Maxie Priest-"Best of Me"(single)-Charisma-E/M
"2 To Make a Party"(Bebe's Kids, (soundtrack))

Public Enemy-"Night Train"(remixes)-Def Jam-E/M

Jody Watley-"When a Man Loves a Woman"(single)-E/M

Porche-"Feels Real Good"-Stone Jam-M

Blues Traveler-Blues Traveler-A&M-E/M

Tony! Toni! Tone!-"What Ever You Want"(remix)-MCA-E/M

Keith Sweat-Keep it Coming-Elektra-E
"I Want To Love You"

Freddie Jackson-"Mrs. Jones-Columbia-E/M

Miki Howard-Miki Howard-Giant-E/M
"Ain't Nobody"
"I've Been Through It"
"Cigarette Ashes on the Floor"
"Thank You For Being There"
But I Love You"

Naomi Campbell-Babywoman-Epic-E/M
"Never In a Million Years"
"When I Think About Love"
"Picnic In The Rain"

Milira Jones-Back Again-Motown-M
"Rocket of Love"
"3's A Crowd"

Father Mc-Sex Is Law-Uptown-E/M
"Go Natalie"

Supercat-"Forgive Me Jah"-Columbia-M

Gary Kemp-"Waisted"-E/M

Vicky Sue Robinson-"Make Love"-E/M/X

Philip Bailey-"A diamond just like you"- Zoo-E/M
-"I wont open my arms"

Paul Weller-"Above the Clouds"-Go Discs-E/M

Crush -"She Came Down"-East/West-E/M

Shara Nelson-"Uptight"-Chrysalis-E
"How Close"
"It's That Time"


Jeff Red-"You Called and Told Me"-Uptown-M

Kathy Sledge-"Pleasure"-Epic/Sony-E/M

Benny Mardonnis-"Young at Heart"-Famous-E/M

Mind Funk-"Driving"-Megaforce-M

Redhead King Pin-The Album with No Name-Virgin-E/M

Eric Gable-"Come Go With Me"-Epic-M

"Sho Feels Good"

Dougie D-"Dougie D's The Man"-Mercury-M

Kenny Thomas-"Thinking About Your Love"-Giant-E/M

Seduction-Nothing Matters Without Love-A&M-E/M
"Nothing Matters Without Love"

SGH Mocca Soul Mocca Soul Savage M
"Deep Sea So Blue"
"Straight To My Heart"
"Rhythm of Love"
"Sleepless Nights"
"Forever and Everything"

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