When you send your project, please be sure:

1) that you have tested your materials (ie CD-ROMs in your computer, etc) and that they are readable.

2) that you have included song titles and their desired final song order

3) that you have included a contact name and delivery address for your project masters and/or refs, as well as a contact phone number we can call with questions regarding your project

4) that the file types are documented and titled

5) to include detailed notes regarding the final sequencing of the songs and song spacing (ie. cross-fades, 2 second gap, etc.) or any other comments about the songs.

6) If your delivering analog tape, make sure you have tones on one of the reels and that all versions are correctly marked and choice takes are indicated.

7) If you are delivering materials for DVD, please have all assets correctly labeled include native format, destination format. Also indicate what if any copy protection you would like.

8) Although we can accept any audio file format, we prefer 24bit/96khz Stereo interleaved aiff files if possible. We can also accept masterlink CD24 file format.

9) If you are assigning ISRC codes to your project and don't have them yet, apply now so you will have them when we need them. If you already have your codes or the label is supplying them, I will need them to encode on the master.

--Don't hesitate to call or email any questions--

If you would like to upload your files via FTP, here are some links that will help you. If you already have a FTP program, you can use that. Contact mike@turtletonestudio.com for instructions on how to connect to the server and upload your files. Please NO SD2 files if you are goint to upload to the FTP. Only aiff or wav files.

FTP Software for Macintosh

FTP Software for Windows

CDTEXT and iTunes

If you insert a CD while you’re connected to the Internet and the song titles appear as “Track 01,” “Track 02,” and so on, it means that the online Gracenote media database has no information for the CD. You can enter the song information in iTunes and then send the information to Gracenote so that others can benefit from your work.
To send CD information to Gracenote:
1. Select the CD and choose File > Get Info.
2. Click Info and enter the CD information.
3. To submit the information to Gracenote, choose Advanced > Submit CD Track Names.
Don't submit information for custom CDs that you've created because others won't be able to use it.

If you plan on submitting your songs for iTunes Plus, be sure to ask about our Mastered for iTunes service so that you can get the best possible high resolution file that will successfully encode into iTunes AAC format.

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